• Nazaré, 27th of April, 2021. Oceano Fresco had a chat with 'Dinheiro Vivo' and Mercedes EQ, as the "new drivers of change".

    "When thinking of sustainability, one has to think about what nature can offer. We must understand that nature provides solutions and influences our diet through sustainable, nutritious and tasty foods".

    Oceano Fresco is an aquaculture seafood company founded by Bernardo Ferreira de Carvalho. Bernardo found his inspiration in the sea, with the mission to contribute to a more sustainable food production worldwide. To fully integrate nature in this process, Oceano Fresco is focused on unlocking the potential of clams, applying 21st century science, management and techniques to these species in order to grow them on a large scale. When thinking of sustainability, one has to explore the several foods provided by nature that are at the bottom of the food chain. Bivalves, more specifically, clams, are super foods as well as future foods, and Oceano Fresco's goal is to produce them enough to feed the world.