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Oceano Fresco develops and produces bivalves varieties with superior performance for shellfish farmers at a competitive cost, respecting environmental sustainability and ensuring consumer safety.

Oceano Fresco applies scientific methods and an innovative business approach to the production and systematic improvement of high-value bivalve varieties for aquaculture. The company is building a state-of-the-art BioMarine Center (including hatchery, labs and offices) in central Portugal, as well as a 100-hectare sea farm off the coast of the Algarve region. With these assets the company will be able to apply advanced selection and breeding methods to native European clam species of high nutritional and market value, which are presently being overcome in the market by low-value invasive clam species. By controlling several steps in the value creation chain, Oceano Fresco is poised to become a leading producer of clams, and eventually other bivalves, in a foreseeable future.

Our innovation lies primarily in the application of scientific selection and breeding methodologies – so far used only in plants and higher animals, with enormous success – to the large-scale production of more sustainable protein sources, namely bivalves and in particular clams. Our approach includes the digital monitoring and control of our aquaculture process (in our state-of-the-art hatchery), as well as the first open-sea grow-out program for clams (in our off-shore site). We will be the first to use a science-based approach at industrial level, for breeding and cultivation of European clams, to develop a large-scale test model for parasite infection, to sequence the genome of a European clam and develop several genomic tools for selection and implement an industrial clam breeding plan. We aim to become the first company to apply a science-based, long-term, systematic and scalable methods to bivalve production.

Oceano Fresco mission: to be the world leader in the introduction of innovative shellfish varieties with the most relevant traits for the production and consumption chain, respecting environmental sustainability and consumer safety.