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The name of the Portuguese brand, LATITID, is born from the fusion of the words LATITUDE + ATTITUDE. It is a brand thought for irreverent women, with individual attitudes, who look for cosmopolitan destinations that uphold the fusion between culture, art and modernity.

With this in mind, the three founding partners, the two sisters Inês and Marta Fonseca and Fernanda Santos, launched LATITID’S first collection, in April 2013. This collection was inspired by the city of Oporto where they were all born. The goal was to present a collection that carried ready-to-wear trends on to bikinis, bathing suits and beachwear designs. Latitid was thought out for clients that do not allow themselves to be defined by their age, but by their attitude.

Each collection is a journey. A trip to a cosmopolitan city with a harmonious mixture between history, architecture and lifestyle. Each bikini and bathing suit is marked by the most relevant trends. The first chosen city was Oporto. In 2014 inspiration was drawn from Barcelona, in 2015 London and in 2016 it was Istanbul’s turn.

Each piece is 100% made in Portugal, mainly in the North, using the best quality materials that are flown in from Italy. The choice of the textiles is crucial in the definition of LATITID’s quality standards, which guarantee the greatest comfort and its durability. All the pieces are signed with the Latitude of the city that has inspired that collection, making each collection one of the brand’s signature.


In 2021 we threw away our map and followed in the footprints of each Latitid woman – no starting point, no final destination. It doesn’t matter where we are, the attitude unveils itself through how we feel. At a hotel room, at the beach, at home or on the road, it doesn’t matter where you are but what you experience and how you feel. The collection mirrors an attitude of confidence and maturity. We embrace our vulnerabilities and our strengths. Our different moods and desires. We put our well-being and happiness first, when rewriting the rules of the “game of life”.



Apart from being a location in our minds, the chosen latitude is also a pin in the map. Known for its bohemian vibes, beaches and canals, and colorful art on the streets, this lifestyle embraces the 20 new styles in this collection. It also introduces a new color scheme not obvious for the brand. Mustard-yellow, shades of pink and a deep electric blue join the greens we’re used to in a color palette that stimulates all your senses. New textures and straight cuts inspired in the 70s bring us shiny and textures fabrics, thus revealing a reinvention of the portuguese brand’s designs. Infinity pool tiles and the area’s famous motels inspired the new prints that came to join the already famous tie-dye. When incorporated in Latitid’s layered designs, these designs print a cool statement that besides seeing it, you feel it.



Cape Town, in South Africa, was Latitid’s chosen destination for the Summer of 2019. The latitude point 34º05’1.06”S - “Cape Point” - is a wildlife refuge known for its unmatchable natural beauty and shows nature in its purest state: the animals, the colors, the textures and the landscapes. These elements inspired a collection rich in its designs and prints. On the other hand there is Cape Town. Its cosmopolitan influence fits perfectly with the minimalism associated with the brand and takes us to a more city-like environment. The coexistence of these two opposing realities helps us achieve the perfect balance between the wild nature and the city culture. “Until You Go You Never Know” is an invitation to get adventurous, discover new things, explore nature. It is an invitation to let ourselves be carried away by nature’s inmensity and look for a new purpose in every scenery.

CUBA '18


Cuba was the destination of the SS’18 season. The latitud point in question - 23º08’09”N - was the heart of Havana, Habana Vieja. Among the heat of its streets and its iconic monuments we find ourselves in a place where different eras meet in the shape of bars full of music and vintage cars of bright colors. Cómo, Cuándo y Dónde is the perfect combination of the brand’s minimalist designs and the buoyancy of the cuban life. The pieces are shaped with various silhouettes inspired by the rhythms of the cha-cha-cha and the mambo. The prints and textured lycras were inspired by the city’s typical fruits, tiles and frayed walls that remind us of the passing of time.



In 2017 Latitid boarded on a trip to Italy, where the idyllic atmosphere plays along the elegant seduction vibe of southern Europe. This island is the perfect background for bringing to life this concept of natural beauty, so distinctive of this destination made famous in the 50s becoming a celebrity hot spot. Home of il dolce far niente: a lifestyle that encourages you to enjoy the sweet things of life and inspired Latitid’s SS’17 collection. The collection mirrors the diversity and simplicity of distinct elements of the island , such as the striped sun umbrellas and the detailed tiles that fill up the picturesque streets. The abstract shape of the greenery is translated into textures lycras and prints. Besides the usual latitud that always signs our collections - 40º32’54.33”N - this year the expression Anema e Core, heart and soul, is the name of the collection.



For the Summer’16 Collection, LATITID travels to the city of Istanbul, where it looks for inspiration in the contrast of East and West.
A modern city, which is open to the world, rich in the fusion of colours, flavours and materials
A collection that is rich, vibrant and harmonious, where the strong colours of the tiles, spices and tapestries are reflected on the prints of the collection. A collection with great details of different textures, braids, and touches of gold that immediately transport us to the city of Istanbul.
All pieces are signed with the Latitude - 41º00’38.18”N – which corresponds to the world widely known Grand Bazaar.



London is never out of fashion. It never repeats itself. It redesigns itself every instant. It is the capital of innovative fashion in Europe and the rest of the world and it was the city that inspired the 2015 collection. London is one city above ground and completely different one “underground”. The 2015 collection was divided into 5 metro lines – each line was a theme and each station name, a different piece. As a source of inspiration, London provided immense variety. It brought the freedom of choosing unusual materials, colours, shapes and cuts. With this collection, LATITID presents simple lines, kitsch colours and progressive models for the modern women to wear this season what they have been picturing about themselves inside and out, both in the city and at the beach.



Barcelona was the second source of inspiration for the brand’s designer. The Summer ’14 LATITID collection combined the straight and curve lines of the Macba with the feelings experienced at the Sonar. This creates a mix of styles, where sportswear designs set the tone. The obsession for different colours and textures was also predominant in this collection. Very different prints, some more psychedelic, others more ethnic, conveyed exactly what the brand was trying to represent: the many different realities of the city. This culminated in the reason of the choosing a city as a source of inspiration: the possibility of obtaining the very unique state of mind lived in the irreverent city of Barcelona, through Latitid’s pieces.



The Latitude of the city of OPorto - 41º09’01.79”N - was the starting point of LATITID. A city with great textile tradition, dynamism and entrepreneurial attitude could not have been a better fit for the opening collection. The 2013 collection combined innovative shapes and unique cuts, with vibrant colors that contrasted with pastel shades on different textured materials inspired by the rocks of the coastal town of Porto. The prints were inspired by the typical Portuguese cobbled streets and other sensations of the world.