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Unlocking the
potential of bivalves

We all want to feed the world in a sustainable way. We turned to nature to look for the best it already has: bivalves. We started with clams, a natural food that is sustainable, healthy and tasty.

Bernardo Carvalho, CEO & Founder, Oceano Fresco

At Oceano Fresco we combine environmental sustainability with a sound economic rationale. This balance is the key to our ambition of changing the world for the better, always innovating and creating wealth.

Nuno Arantes e Oliveira, Co-Founder, Oceano Fresco

We can regenerate
nature if we farm
and eat better

Farming and eating bivalves does good to nature because these are species from the bottom of the food chain that only feed on microalgae. In our case, we also protect biodiversity as we only farm native European species and create a marine sanctuary effect in our open sea farm

Ana Cerviño, Cultivation Director, Oceano Fresco

The clams biology is unbeatable! Farming bivalves does not carry negative inputs like the use of artificial feed or antibiotics and has several positive outputs like CO2 capture on the shells and water filtration

Andreia Cruz, I&D Biology Manager, Oceano Fresco

Clams farmed in the Atlantic,
in a natural and sustainable way

Our open sea farm in the Atlantic Ocean is the world’s first for clams. Its waters have the natural and ideal conditions to enable an optimal growth. All clams growing out in our farm originate from our hatchery.

Rodrigo Clímaco, Open Sea Farm Manager, Oceano Fresco

Our hatchery replicates the ideal conditions found in nature, allowing for the clams to reproduce in line with their biologic propensity. Our clam babies intake only the highest water quality and are fed with the best microalgae.

Óscar Iglésias, Hatchery Manager, Oceano Fresco

Sustainable, healthy,
and tasty clams.
How not to like them?

Our clams are a sustainable, naturally healthy and very tasty food, with all the freshness of the Atlantic Ocean. A wonderful food in all senses!

Frederico Reis, Chief Commercial Officer, Oceano Fresco

We want to reintroduce the native European species pullet carpet shell (Venerupis corrugata) and grooved carpet shell (Ruditapes decussatus). We guarantee a reliable, all-year round supply to grow the consumption of superior quality clams.

Bernardo Carvalho, CEO & Founder, Oceano Fresco

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