Deep dive to elevate the
potential of bivalves.


Change the paradigm for
a effective “Blue Economy”.

Financed by its founders, 'business angels', public incentives and capital risk investors, which share the same vision.


Biodiversity: We farm exclusively native
European clams.

Starting with two of the most sought-after species, but currently in decline and under threat by other exotic and invasive species.

Bivalves are one of the most healthy, tasty, and sustainable natural foods in the world. We want to celebrate the full potential of bivalves to the world, as a superior alternative to other sources of protein. We start with clams.

Pullet Carpet Shell

Venerupis corrugata


Grooved Carpet Shell

Ruditapes decussatus



Writing the future.

Identified a major gap in the industry through a global market study in countries that are the biggest producers of bivalves (China, Korea, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Norway and the U.S.A.)
Pioneering scientific research in innovative processes of selective breeding and cultivation.
Series A investment from BlueCrow Capital and two individual investors.
Built a world-class Biomarine Center (including a hatchery) in Nazaré, West Coast of Portugal.
Built the world’s first open sea farm for clams, off the Atlantic coast of the Algarve.
Scientific R&D research recognized with the “Seal of Excellence” from the European Commission.
Investimento série B Aqua-Spark, Semapa NEXT e de dois investidores individuais.
Launch of the new boat ´Oceano Fresco I´.
Construction of the Packaging and Dispatch Center
Strengthened our investment in R&D and Innovation, including the key projects of Atlanticlam and the Blue Bioeconomy Pact
Oceano Fresco was recognized as a "EU Blue Champion" by the European Investment Bank (EIB) and European Commission in the context of the EU Missions to Restore our Ocean and Waters.


A diverse team who cultivate the same passion.

Our team is made up of people of different nationalities and talents with a great passion in common: contributing to the sustainability of the Oceans.

Meet the team

  • Board of Directors
  • Advisory Board
  • Research & Development
  • Production
  • Operations
  • Finance & Human Resources
  • Sales and Marketing
Bernardo Ferreira de Carvalho
CEO, Founder & Executive Director

“It’s good to feed the world by regenerating nature and working with a motivated, qualified and international team.”

Frederico Reis
Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) & Executive Director

Josien Bakker
President, Non-Executive Director, Aqua-Spark

Francisco Belo
Non-executive Director, BlueCrow Capital

Rui Rodrigues
Non-executive Director, Indico Capital Partners

Nuno Arantes-Oliveira
Founder & Advisory Board President

“Oceano Fresco is an innovative and ambitious company that combines economic rationality with environmental sustainability. For us, this virtuous combination is essential.”

Olivier Cottet
Advisory Board

Stan Allen
Advisory Board

Marco Dubbeldam
Advisory Board

Bjørn Skjævestad
Advisory Board

Tiago Pitta e Cunha
Advisory Board

Andreia Cruz
R&D Senior Manager

“The biology of clams is unbeatable! The farming of bivalves has no negative inputs and has several positive outputs such as capturing CO2 through their shells and filtering the water”

Eric Guévélou
R&D Manager, Cultivation

Inês Basílio
R&D technician

Luana Almeida
R&D Technical Support

Scott Mactier
Chief Production Officer (CPO)

Jean Jacques
Manager, Open Sea Farm

Max Maugan
Manager, Hatchery

Thomas Goulding
R&D Manager, Open Sea Farm

Ana Torres
Senior Technician, Hatchery

Fátima Simões
Technician, Hatchery

Joana Fonseca
Technician, Hatchery

Joana Sousa
Technician, Hatchery

Carlos Silva
Technician, Hatchery

Telma Nunes
Technician, Hatchery

Sara Marques
Quality technician, Open Sea Farm

Hélio Oliveira
Sr. Master Mariner & Supervisor, Open Sea Farm

João Marreiros
Sr. Master Mariner & Supervisor, Open Sea Farm

Roberto Furtado
Master Mariner & Supervisor, Open Sea Farm

Valter Candeias
Team Leader, Open Sea Farm

Marta Santos
Team Leader, Open Sea Farm

Pedro Francisco
Team Leader, Open Sea Farm

Ricardo Luís
Maintenance Technician

Tiago Silva
Maintenance Technician

João Fernandes
Director of Operations

Ricardo Marques
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

“Oceano Fresco focuses on sustainable social, economic and environmental growth, both internally and externally.”

Madalena Ferreira
Admin and Finance

Inês Cruz
Admin and Finance

Inês Pinto
Admin and Finance

Frederico Reis
Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

“Our clams are a sustainable food, naturally healthy and delicious, with all the freshness of the Atlantic Ocean. A great food in every way!”