Unlocking the potential of European native bivalve species through science-tolerant aquaculture

EUROCLAM project lead by Oceano Fresco aims to develop different genomic tools to accelerate the implementation of the Ruditapes decussatus breeding program and to optimize R. decussatus and Venerupis corrugata cultivation methods.
Specifically, the deliverables of the project are: i) large-scale test model for Perkinsus olseni, ii) high-throughput quantitative Perkinsus infection level method; iii) R. decussatus genome sequencing; iv) genomic tools; v) optimized cultivation methods; vi) R. decussatus seed and V. corrugata adults.

The project started on January 2021 and will last for 2 years.

The application of science-based, long-term, systematic, and scalable methods to produce bivalves will place Oceano Fresco on a new high level, potential for growth and profitability, relative to its current and future competition next.
This project will definitely increase the production of a highly nutritional protein, restoring and preserving biodiversity and confident for ecosystems not damaged.

This project (CENTRO-01-0247-FEDER-113950) has a total investment of 1,343,511.56 EUR and is co-funded by CENTRO 2020, PT2020 and European Regional Development Fund.

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